Sheepskin Products for Animals

The Irish Woollen Workshop is a Irish owned business that has been in the Sheep Wool Business for over 35 Years. In recent years the true benefits of wool have because more known which lead us to start branching out into our high quality Sheepskin Rugs & Soft furnishings for your Home.

We aim to deliver the very highest quality in bedding, soft furnishings and clothing that stand out in a crowd and finish out any look whether in be in the house or out on the town. We love sending out our products, and really appreciate when we get calls, emails and even Whatsapps from our customers of their joy of receiving our products.

Within our company a large focus has shifted from the home decor to our Pets comfort. We have seen a large set of orders toward beds and products for dog. We are in the middle of designing and finalising which product we are going to start producing for our customers and their beloved pets.

So far we have had quite a few amazing reactions from our four legged friends and we have been given permission to show off one our most recent happy customer he is a 10 month old American bulldog named Spartan. He Loves his new Rare Breeds Rug.The benefits of sheep wool would also provide aid and provide the same body heat regulating that it provides to Humans. I myself have just made an addition our home and brought home one of the sample dog beds and i can honestly say it helped her so much with her transition from her birth home to our home. she found great comfort in the wool and has continued to do so this day.

So keep an eye out for our next step of sheepskin products.

Niamh O'Riordan